Our Mission To You

My wife Linda and I started making wax melts in 2012. We were tired of the disappointment in the scent throw in the wax melts we were burning from both large and small companies and everything in between. In our quest for a high quality, long lasting, highly scented wax melt, Shimmering Wic was born. Shimmering Wic is our dream and passion. We are a small family business and our entire family has put their heart and soul into this company. Our #1 priority is producing a high quality 100% homemade wax melts.

High quality customer service is also of the utmost importance to us as well and we will go above and beyond to make sure every single customer is satisfied with the products and service they receive. All of our wax melts are hand mixed, hand poured, and hand labeled in our facility in Kulpmont Pennsylvania. Our melts are made using the highest quality waxes and fragrances. We use a proprietary blend of the highest quality soy and paraffin wax on the market today.

Several years of testing and blending of wax has led us to a blend that can hold a very high percentage of fragrances without leaking out. This blend of wax is a smooth and creamy mixture which allows for a high fragrance saturation, which we found results in a strong long lasting wax melt. The same process holds true for our fragrances. We only use the highest quality fragrances on the market and here at Shimmering Wic we work with a fragrance company and its perfumers to develop our fragrances. They meet our very high standards and all of our fragrances are sampled and tested before they are put in wax and are sold at retail. Our wax melts will fill your home or office with a beautiful long lasting fragrance. We believe in perfection and are constantly trying new things to make our product better.

So forgo the flame and infuse your home or office with a fragrance made by Shimmering Wic.